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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Thor must have smashed that care on impact when he landed. I hope the flying that lead up to this moment is epic.
Yeah that looks freakin' SWEET, now all we need is a shot of Thor throwing or slamming a car into Malekith.

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
Yeah, I know and I was partially joking, but then again.....

Malekith is a leader and Kurse is the Muscle, and this would not be suggesting Malekith take on Kurse directly, but more catch him off guard with something unexpected and creative. I mean there is a lot of movies where you see a physically weaker character who's in charge backstabing the muscle character because they are not performing up to their expectatations, and it just helps to establish the leader as being more of a evil, dangerous, and unpredicatable villian for the hero to contend with.

Anyways, I am not suggesting that is what I think they should do, but merely that it is possible.

Ah I see, yeah that makes perfect sense now that you put it that way.

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
Preretconed Beyonder was basically as powerful as the one above all.
What's the differences between pre-rectoned Beyonder and rectoned Beyonder?

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