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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Why should he feel gratitude for something that was done at Talia's request? All of this was done out of the grace of Talia's charity to Bane for being her protector. "His only crime was that he loved me". But Ra's didn't see it that way. He could never accept Bane, he didn't want him there, and so he excommunicated him.
I don’t understand the writers need to shoehorn an emotional reason for Ra’s Al Ghul excommunicating Bane into the script. Worse, it was an expository emotional reason and just falls flat. Bane being too violent for the League wasn’t a good enough reason to excommunicate him? The whole relationship between Bane. Ra’s and Talia was just kind of melodramatic and muddled, and as a result, the idea of Bane being kicked out by Ra's just has little to no impact on the film. It feels a bit extraneous and tacked on, especially since he’s leading them again anyway, with no exploration of how he felt about being excommunicated in the first place, and why he’d decide to lead them other than caring for Talia. It’s just really, really thin.

No, I'm saying rich people being greedy is a nonsense reason to need to destroy the city. Every city in the world suffers from poor people. Lower class. Orphans. Desperation. It doesn't make them terrible hopeless cities.
Agreed. It would have been better if they’d only said “We’re just going to finish what Ra’s started as an act of revenge, to send a message”. But it seems they were trying to cover up the relatively thin/rehash villain plot and justify the destruction of Gotham.

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