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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Who is "they"? And what distance do you mean? The Joker's brand of terrorism is very real. Check this out;

It gets compared to real life terrorism. It's the characters involved (Batman and Joker), and the motive for the terrorism (trying to make Gotham go crazy to prove a point) that makes it comic booky.

so in real life, authorities yield to terrorists and fulfil their demands ,right?

just like assuming some idiots would believe if authority fulfil jihadist's demand to execute Sam Bacile, then no despicable attack will ever happen again

who is the one lost touch of reality/real world?

Batman is the one who led to such extreme methods by people like the Joker in the first place----did you ever heard people in Mexico say that after so many civil servants got butchered?--in real life,only a fool will yell-" actions against crime lords( Zetas, etc) should be xxx,because (Zetas, etc) are using such extreme methods to create chaos"

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