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Default Re: Characterization of the Knight - Nolan and Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman - Part 2

Plenty of posters have been called on "making things up" or "reading into" films a bit too much over the years. There's "interpreting" films, and assessing whats actually there, in the content of the writing and the film itself, and there's making stuff up. The latter seems to be happening a bit more these days.

So you might want to take a closer look when making claims such as "the only ones doing the belittling..."
How is what you quoted me saying “doing the belittling” in any sense?

That post doesn’t belittle anyone. It makes a statement about the way people use conjecture, and was in response to someone who said that people being called on using conjecture to prove something in an argument is a new phenomenon. That’s not belittling someone, it’s a frank discussion of the history of this message board.

What I don't understand is this: why is it such a big deal when some people want to see aspects that you didn't like about this movie in a positive light? I mean, it's not like they're trying to see something positive in cinematic abominations such as Twilight or Transformers, which everyone seems to dislike.

This is Chris Nolan's Bat trilogy, one of the best trilogies in recent memory. Is it your disappointment with TDKR or is it something else? Because during my time on these forums I've consistently noticed this trend. And I understand that Nolan's take just wasn't everybody's cup of tea, but what's the issue with it being anyone else's?
Where do you get the idea that anyone here has a problem with you viewing things in a positive light?

The pervading problem on these boards seems to be that there are people who feel that things must be viewed in either a positive or a negative light, and that there is no in between.

In the case of TDKR’s more vocal fans, there seems to be an issue where they refuse to accept that even if they like something, it may not be terribly well written. They seem to think that because they like it, it must invariably be well written. That’s just not, artistically speaking, necessarily the case with this movie.

On the flip side however, I really don’t think you’d find most of the people who have suggested that The Dark Knight is not a well written film suggesting that this means you cannot still like what’s in the movie.

But everytime someone questions the quality of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, someone inevitably says something along the lines of “Why can’t you just let us like the movie”?

Because you’re on a message board, where most of the discussion takes place about both liking a movie and the quality of the movie as a piece of art. And people have opinions on both sides.

People, if you are truly secure in your love of a film, then LOVE the film, warts and all. Stop wasting energy and time whining about other people assessing it on a different level or in a different manner than you have.

"Perception is the enemy of reason."

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