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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Come on, now. The point is that you don't take chances. Bruce was broken, escaped from a pit that no one ever expected him to escape from, and led a revolt against Bane in Gotham city. Of course Bane should be the one to guard him and ensure he doesn't meddle in their plans further.
Batman just whupped Bane's butt and broke his mask. How is Bane a better guy for the job? He knew he was whupped that's why he was gonna shoot Batman while he was tied up like the big coward he was.

There was only minutes to go before the bomb went off. Risk was minimal. Bats was a goner. It was Selina that saved his bacon.

"We both know I'm going to kill you now. You'll just have to imagine the fire!"
Ehhh yeah they had minutes left to die. Talia had just said bye bye to him. He had no risk of being caught disobeying her since they were both gonna be ashes in a few minutes.

"Keep her [Talia] close. He'll come for her." (what! Bane giving orders to the LOS while Talia is around?)
Telling his men to keep an eye on Talia. Big whoop. I ain't saying Bane had no authority with the men. Duh obviously he did. He just was not the head boss man. That was Talia.

It seems pretty clear in Begins that Ducard is in control the whole time. The fake Ra's doesn't do much, doesn't train Bruce, and is never treated as if he is the leader by any other member of the League.
He has two scenes, he is named as Ra's Al Ghul, he tells Bruce he is now a member of the LOS, he tells Bruc he has to go to Gotham and destroy it. It was the same principle but with less screen time. One guy appears to be in charge but he ain't.

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