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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
This entire article misses the point that these characters are evolving throughout the series. At the end of TDK they THINK the noble lie is what they need to be successful, only to realize that the sham that allowed a much more rigorous crime policy was not the right course of action. Sometimes you need to face the truth and let it "have it's day." TDK is only the second chapter of the journey, so while some of the thematic elements hold true for the characters at that moment, it is not necessarily a static idea throughout the entire trilogy.

IE in TDKR, Alfred only ASSUMES Bane's methods were too radical for Ra's. He's wrong, as Talia later explains. Just because a character says something does not mean he's right about it or that ti's a universal truth from then on, it's a reflection of the characters' at that moment. And unlike what Guard posted, I find this personal motivation to be key to the parallel to Bruce. All of these characters are driven to extreme actions because of intense personal anguish, and loss of loved ones that drive them to obsession. Only Bruce comes out of the situation being truly free of the guilt of their pasts (I guess Talia probably dies thinking she has as well).
Nope the article shows that Rises doesn't evolve the characters from that moment, it just contradicts them. It ain't about living in the moment lol. What kinda character development would that be.

Alfred's wrong assumption about Bane being kicked out was just a teeny tiny minor little thing. It was just fodder to tell ya he had something to do with the LOS so the twist about Talia could come out later.


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