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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

With all the modifications having to be added to the original design, I have updated my drawings for WDM2, thus making my current design WDM2.1 . I will upload the drawings when I can today or tomorrow.
Goku9600: Your drawings say "solenoid valve" on them. The solenoid valve shown is a discrete solenoid valve, which is usually used in prosthetics and inflation.

However, because of this, they are usually only used in gas applications, the transportation of air and such. I have no idea how they would ever react under usage with a semi-viscous gel like we are working with. Feel free to try it though. My recommendation, though, is that you use a solenoid more like this one:

It looks pretty big, but it's only about 1 and 1/4 inches tall, with a quarter inch opening. It's pretty large for what you're looking at, but you're pretty much guaranteed functionality with what we're looking at. I'm probably going to buy some similar to the above one myself, or make some myself.
But, that's just me. You can do whatever you want to do with your shooter design.

Anyway, a few announcements about my shooter:
•finished PCB
•finished wiring button
•new battery mechanism
•new GPM (sketches soon), GPM2

I am testing the shooter tonight. See, what I have is a shooting indicating LED on the side of the shooter, so when I am shooting, the red LED will come on like in the movie. The thing is, this also allows me to test the shooter without a solenoid or formula. Then, I just hook up the solenoid in parallel with the LED so it will open at the same time as the LED is on.

So, here are the steps to completion:
•test MCU (tonight) and troubleshoot if needed
•hook up solenoid and mount, troubleshoot connections if needed
•modify coupler on solenoid, troubleshoot if needed
•add coupler to canister
•drill hole into bottom of canister and mount needle
•get CO2 adapter and cartridges
•fill canister with formula
•get and attach tube for output
•screw everything together
•final test, troubleshoot if needed

I don't have any dates projected for this yet, but I will definitely have the MCU test done tonight. I will probably take a video once I get it working. Since the video will probably not really need any editing, uploading will probably go fine this time.

And whoever said the thing about isobutane: I am actually going to look into that. Thanks!
If anyone wants to see some pictures of the attached button with the PCB, then tell me.

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