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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I don’t understand the writers need to shoehorn an emotional reason for Ra’s Al Ghul excommunicating Bane into the script. Worse, it was an expository emotional reason and just falls flat. Bane being too violent for the League wasn’t a good enough reason to excommunicate him? The whole relationship between Bane. Ra’s and Talia was just kind of melodramatic and muddled, and as a result, the idea of Bane being kicked out by Ra's just has little to no impact on the film. It feels a bit extraneous and tacked on, especially since he’s leading them again anyway, with no exploration of how he felt about being excommunicated in the first place, and why he’d decide to lead them other than caring for Talia. It’s just really, really thin.
Exactly. That's just how I see it. It doesn't have any impact on the movie. We don't even hear about it until Talia's reveal, and like with her character it's just revealed and then that's that. Nothing more comes of it. We're just told this revelation and that's the end of it.

I believe the Bane being excommunicated because he was too violent thing wasn't true. Talia revealed the real reason why he was kicked out. It had nothing to do with his violent side, which dilutes his character even more, IMO. Bane sounded more fierce when we thought he was excommunicated for his violent side. Then we learn it's because he was just a reminder of what happened to Ra's wife in the pit.

Agreed. It would have been better if they’d only said “We’re just going to finish what Ra’s started as an act of revenge, to send a message”. But it seems they were trying to cover up the relatively thin/rehash villain plot and justify the destruction of Gotham.
Once again, very much agreed

Originally Posted by Doctor Octopus View Post
All of Nolan's Batman movies are analogies to events in the real world.
I've been trying to explain that to a certain party for nearly two pages. I've given up that pointless task.

You're on your own if you want to try.

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Nope the article shows that Rises doesn't evolve the characters from that moment, it just contradicts them. It ain't about living in the moment lol. What kinda character development would that be.

Alfred's wrong assumption about Bane being kicked out was just a teeny tiny minor little thing. It was just fodder to tell ya he had something to do with the LOS so the twist about Talia could come out later.


I get that there's an evolution of the characters here, but there's a difference between something like say Batman believing his war on crime would simply entail taking down the mob, to a movie sending the message that Batman can endure, will be hunted, is always going to need Batman several times in one movie, then is christened a Dark Knight, only to have him cease to exist in the following movie.

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