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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
Dude, neither of us has any idea what is going to happen. All we know is time-travel, sentinels, and the fact that this is a sequel to First Class, not just some comic adaptation. Everything else (and I do mean everything, including who assassinates who and even the assassination itself) is fair game. Don't be so restricted to what the comic has done. There's no reason to follow it verbatim just to please the fanboys (who, let's face it, will always find something to nitpick anyway).

I never said Magneto wasn't a villain at the end of First Class. He is. I just said that he's not Charles' archnemesis yet. It's not that simple. It has to grow to that, and we need to see it grow onscreen to be believable. Can you really see Raven blindly following orders to attack her old friends, her brother? Her brother who she left crippled on a beach in Cuba? I sure can't. Magneto may brush that off as a casualty of war but what we've seen of Raven, despite her growing confidence, tells me that she's going to be pretty remorseful and reluctant to face off with him or the boys. They need to develop that in this movie. Instant enemies is lazy storytelling, and while I don't have that much faith in Singer to not turn this into OldX-CastFest2014, I do hope he has the respect of the FC characters to not hastily shoehorn them into new roles just to suit the plot.
Even when they were enemies, they still showed a mutual respect for each other. In X3, they coincidentally see each other at Jean's house. Instead of attacking each other on sight, they choose to walk into the house together. Moments like that show they can be civil around each other, despite their years of conflict. Charles also visited Erik when he was in the plastic prison, so a friendship was still there even though they disagreed with each other.

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