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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Great job guys! Mine took a while to get started but my friends and I have started the arm brace and hopefully we could get all the machining doe this week. Wadaltmon I'm excited to see how your shooter turns out, sounds epic xD

A tip for the solenoid valves, know how much psi your cartridge will be because when you purchase a solenoid, what you want, is something as small as possible with a rated psi that is safe. Otherwise it will leak or burst your valve. The discrete solenoid valve Wadaltmon posted may require some security with the tubes and the valve itself. For example if you're using a 12 gram CO2 cartridge, make sure whatever solenoud valve you make or buy can handle a good 900psi. I would go for 1000psi just for safety purposes. When the gas reaches goes through the tubes and/or fluid cartridge it may go down as low as 200 psi depending on your design or it may be something like 400 to 600 psi (based on rough estimates). But like I said, it's just for safety purposes to have a valve rated higher than what you're using.

Also, when you purchase pressure tubing, you may notice that there are very thick tubes and only rated up to like 400 psi. You can use thin tubes rated for about 200 and that is fine AS LONG AS you don't have a setup where the tubes are with holding static pressure.
Example of dangerous setup would be - co2 cartridge ------ tube ------- solenoid valve.

that is dangerous because your tube may burst out. What's safer is:

- co2 cartridge --------> solenoid valve -------tube----->

Anyway, good luck. Were nearing an era of epicness 8^D

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