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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Yup but they did it much better, and they did it after Bane had established himself as a self made man and made a play for Gotham and broken Batman. Bane is this was a love sick puppy following Talia's wishes. He began and ended with the LOS.
Eh, I read Knightfall and KnightsEnd. The latter was better because Bane is a very, very boring character and his plan is very generic. In fact, Batman pretty much figures it out like 3 issues in (out of 12? 15?) and still gets played like a chump. It also doesn't help that Bane's personality isn't developed much beyond that of a generic pro-wrestler (hence his appearance). The impact it had on Bruce is astounding and earns Bane a top villain status, but Nolan found a way for it to happen in a much more interesting and entertaining way. Also, he made Bane a lot more interesting and developed as a character.

I see your point, but I do not think Bane being part of the LOS dilutes the character. Talia being the mastermind does a bit, but it is clear Bane is still his own man as she treats him like an equal, not a subordinate or employee, and he directly disobeys her about killing Bats as soon as she is out of earshot.

I do think the third movie has problems, but Bane is not one of them.

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