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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
People are Ignoring the obvious possibilty and how they tie the films together.

Post First Class Magneto could plot assassination.Since Matthew Vaughn wrote the treatment and If they really want to go down the alternate future path It could be JFK.

The assassination Is world's public exposure to mutants.Thus beguins the antimutant hysteria.The government started the weapon X Project to use mutants as weapons
against other mutants.Eventully the registeration act Is purposed.This leads to events of trilogy.Post trilogy antimutants devolp a new weapon The Sentinles.They are used to
try to deal with the so called Mutant problems.The sentinles turn on creators.

You've just connected all the films there.
And you seem to be ignoring how flawed this JFK assassination scenario is. If JFK's assassination was the catalyst for the government sanctioned production and deployment of Sentinels against mutants it would probably be the slowest reaction to a perceived threat in history.

The "present" X-men series take place about 40 years after JFK's assassination and the post apocalyptic future would have to take place after X3 and The Wolverine.

Senator Kelley was killed by Magneto and impersonated by Mystique for quite some time after his death. I think this was probably the best demonstration of how dangerous mutants could be yet this didn't cause the anti-mutant hysteria that would cause the dofp future.

An assassination attempt was made on the president in X2. This didn't cause the "anti-mutant hysteria" you are speaking of.

Actually what is this anti-mutant hysteria you speak of? In the X-films the existence of mutants appears to have only recently been revealed to the public. With the exception of Stryker we didn't really see a strong hatred towards mutants from ordinary humans.

Also why would Magneto assassinate JFK? It seems to be a bit out of character for him. Magneto wants what he believes is best for his people. I don't see how this act could benefit mutants unless JFK is portrayed as a bigot...

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