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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
No one is hating just frustrated with nothing. This ride, I thought, was supposed to be fun but its been a bust. Lol I just wanted a little bit, the smallest bit even, leading up to a great trailer. Not hating. Just frustrated.

I feel your pain. We've gotton ridiculously little, even in terms of the set photos in which only a few were hq and fewer showed supes with his cape and on top of that, we really only got them during the rather lengthy Piano shoot.

The release date being back is the main cause of this “drought" but still, youd think they'd wanna save face and try to fill, what was at the time of the delay, a massive amount of time till the release with more promotional material. HELL, this much time to promote couldve been a blessing rather than curse it looks to be shaping up to be.

They need to get something out because they are bordering Green Lantern levels of failure with their marketing and if nothing drops soon, they could face as big or even bigger flop.

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