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Default Finally! Spiderman as he should be !!

11/10 !-- I registered here just to make this post. I didn't even know about this film until i watched a dvdrip and then immediately ordered the Bluray off Amazon five minuted after it finished! Just blows away the Rami films on every level possible!

FINALLY! Spiderman as it should be. I never liked T Maguire for Spiderman but watched them anyway bc I loved the character as a kid so much..Whomever cast whiny-voiced, soft-bellied Maguire in the Rami films totally blew it. The only reason they made as much money as they did is bc Spiderman is such a beloved character. Had Rami's films not been made, this one would grossed three times as much. I am sure the next two will do much better.

I could run down the long list of details why this film is so far superior to the earlier ones but it would run on too long. Briefly, everything! From the script, the actor's emotional intensity, comedic elements, even the soundtrack was cool!...the wicked lizard monster....Garfield has just the right mix of angst-ridden, melancholic loner geeky-cool genius...and crucially, the right physique and voice for the part... Emma Stone rocks as Gwen. All of it, was dead on imo..

Spidey was always my favorite superhero. I think people will be still be watching this one when Rami's films are long forgotten.

To all the people who worked on this film: THANK YOU, AN AWESOME JOB !! PLEASE MAKE MORE !! Only this time, advertise it a little better. I didn't even know about it till it came out on dvd.

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