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Originally Posted by TheHeatKitchen View Post
I agree it needs to be something like that. The previous "stingers" all had the concept of setting up for the Avengers. We have the Avengers established. Now we need something to not only set up the sequel, but link the backstories of the next films (T:TDW, CA:TWS, Iron Man 3 and possibly even GOTG) together. Something like AIM, as you mentioned above. Or just have a Thanos link behind them all, showing what Thanos has to do with each hero.
Yeah it would start the concept of setting up the masters of evil for avengers 2, instead of assembling the heroes. Then it would tie into Thor 2 and Cap 2 directly.
What I'm thinking is that Foster somehow winds up at AIM along with Sterns and are shown as prisoners, brought to Zemo & Tetterington. Tetterington is questioned briefly as to why these prisoners should matter.

It sets up AIM more clearly for future Iron Man installments and the series. The brief conversation between all 3 and possibly Tetterington( pre-Modok) sets up much of what's to come. Jane is possessed by Hela already but AIM doesn't know this. When Thor meets her in Thor 2 he doesn't confront Zemo/AIM, because Foster's escape from AIM is aided by being possessed by Hela. Sterns was freed and transported when AIM kidnapped Jane, and both are told they're being forced to work with AIM. Shield thought they transported her somewhere safe, but they actually put her in harm's way because AIM is interested in her research and has agents everywhere. Aim is also messing with all kinds of dangerous forces, experimenting with time-travel to try to retrieve Red Skull... which provokes Hela/Jane to cause death in the name of a being from before the dawn of time... Mandarin's reach only knows no bounds because he's appropriated and collected power temporarily from an already existing underground empire that his 10 rings network was only the surface of. Hydra ends up taking over the remains of the 10 rings network, and actually moves a step closer to their plan for world domination and revenge against Shield thanks to Mandi. Mandarin's ring organizations operate as the heads of Hydra's empire temporarily, while Mandarin believes he has control over it and is building his own Empire. In CA: Winter Soldier, Captain America and Shield (Black widow etc.) would eventually come face to face with AIM and Zemo, after dealing with Winter Soldier and Crossbones.

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