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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I think there will be holes to question, for instance how does Thor come out of the sky and happen to land right on top of the jet that's holding Loki in Avengers? Hm? *shrugs*
I think what you are trying to say is "the actual films leave some questions unanswered" as opposed to "I also need to address how Odin got Thor down to Earth in the previous film."

Running with the fomer interpretation, I would say that is true, but it needs to be minor enough that people don't pop out of the frame of the movie and say, "No way!!"
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I said:
A frustrating aspect is that the characters make almost no actual progress in this area. So that's a down side.
elizah said:
Yup. I see that, but I think the headfake thing, as you put it, is pure gold for keeping things interesting. And then it can either grow from there while he's in self exile down on Midgard, spending time with her, or they could go their separate ways.
I agree!

When you are the superhero's love interest, you're going to wind up the damsel in distress. It's just the way it is. It keeps things interesting and the love interest character involved. Now if it can be accomplished without making the woman (or man) a pitiful and useless character, then that's where the story and characterizations get better. I think what I propose does that.
I agree; there usually are parts to supporting characters, especially love interests, that could be improved. The best you can hope for is that it's not totally ridiculous. I also agree that what you propose accomplishes the plot advancement without making the character pitiful.

And come to think of it, Jane has her own "Moral Sacrifice" to deal with potentially by making this portal for Malekith, so maybe she does so in order to save her friends who are being threatened, and hoping that someone can stop Malekith's army.
Indeed. Yeah, after I submitted my post, it occurred to me that Malekith isn't going to be standing around, rubbing his hands together saying "Muhahahah!" waiting for Thor to get back from Valhalla. There'd be the whole agenda of "Okay, now you are going to build us a portal."

She could also potentially build a portal that traps/destroys the army. Is she prepared to be that brutal?

I said:
Loki is a master of illusions and likely was *never* fooled. And he never told his brother.
elizah said:
I see what you are saying but under that same idea, then Odin would not be fooled either. And another point, Loki was fooled by Odin's illusion cast his whole life over Loki's own personal body, to make him look Asgardian. So... that theory that Loki would not be fooled by an illusion, really doesn't stand up.
Well, what you bring up about Odin is kind of a big hole. He certainly wouldn't be fooled, and doppelganger-Jane would be hanging around long enough for him to have a chance to evaluate her. They really had a challenge with this script (as did you), hitting all these plot points with the obstacle of Odin being so superlative in so many ways that he could thwart all the twists in the story! So when we finally see the film, I'm sure this aspect will be in itself amazing.

But you basically are saying that Malekith is a better illusionist than Loki (unless it's someone other than Malekith putting the illusions on the doppelgangers). I don't have a strong sense of their relative powers--maybe someone else can weigh in--but this strikes me as surprising. The Marvel page doesn't compare the two directly, though it does say that Loki's sorcery powers are equal to that of Karnilla, who is the most skilled sorceress of the Nine Realms. That implies that Loki is better than Malekith. So it's not as clear to me that he would indeed be fooled by this illusion on the dark elves.

<the Althing>

I dont think the General Audience will get the Althing thing, and it might be a bit of a drag to put that sort of thing in at the end, after all the excitement of the big fights and such.
That's fair.

I also haven't worked in the Stonehendge stuff, or Alfheim... shoot.
Oh yeah. . .keep forgetting abou that!

Lots of fun ideas!

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