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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
By the way those couple of videos on the main spoiler thread today with Malekith...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
with his arms raised and lights and the big light behind him and such... really making me wonder about Marvel Freshman's idea about Svartalfheim was bleeding into Midgard (like a dimentional rift maybe or something, not just a worm hole). It could definitely be just him transforming Kurse, however that happens, but clearly something BIG is going on there, with all the cameras going around him as he raises his arms, and the lights. Hmmm...

And We still haven't sorted out how Malekith might transform Kurse, if that is the case, and why he doesn't do it sooner against Thor.

OH! I got a BINGO! In capital letters, no less! Yay me!!!

I think we have to separate what we want to happen and what certain clues seem to be pointing to happening if we want to get anywhere near the truth.

that could certainly be too. But again if...

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Odin dies, he takes Surtur out by sacrificing himself (I think something similar in the comics, right?) and if Thor is fighting the Elves on Midgard, and either Thor doesn't get back in time, or gets back to Asgard just as Odin and Surtur have their final battle and a bit late to try to stop Odin dying, then Odin will not be the one judging him. It will be the other Asgardians. And see "moral sacrifice" and patriotism etc. that I quoted up there again. If that is the way the Asgardians think, then they could conceivably shun Thor for deserting Asgard in its greatest time of need, and the death of Odin. Certainly that is a heavy weight for Thor to carry going into Avengers 2 where I believe Joss said he would be getting more personal and twisting a few knives with the characters there. And it would give a very plausible reason for Thor to be hanging out on Earth, shunned and blaming himself for what happened to Odin, (though maybe someone will tell him to read the comics, it happens that way anyway. lol). And of course that could potentially set up Loki on the throne of Asgard for Avengers 2 and maybe even Thor 3. Because he is already recognized as an heir to the throne of Asgard, no matter what he's done, and enough other Asgardians may agree that he has a right to that, (as has happened many times in our own history with monarchies). Some Asgardians may even agree with what he tried to do in Thor 1 to the Jotuns (they all dont necessarily know his true parentage, and they are the "monsters parents tell their children about at night"). Who knows, but it certainly sets up an interesting scenario for both Thor and Loki and completely turns their previous dynamic on it's head. Even if Loki goes in to leadership this time with some good intentions, you know it wont' be long before mischief and mayhem make an appearance.

I might be coming around to believing that finally. it's a lot to put in there though, and I'm a bit concerned you and some others will be disappointed if he's left up to say the very end of the movie for like 5 minutes tops.

Just wanna adress these first
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Wait, so you think this Thor franchise is going to end with Loki on the throne instead of Thor???? We already got a lot of forshadowing that thor will eventually be king. Plus having thor have the throne makes sense if and when the avengers and who ever else fight thanos with the IG. Thor may have the Odinforce if it is involved..allowing him to be more powerful to fight Thanos.

Also, I don't know if Surtur will be aluded to, have a role, or the the after credit villain. Personally I think he will just be alluded to. then be in the after credit scene. Maybe the end of the movie could end with him, idk. I would be thrilled to see either. I am just going by what the synopsis sounds like, and it sounds like this villain will probaby be in the movie, ya know? Even though there have been no signs of him on set, whoever said villain is, and nothing has been casted, the synopsis makes it clear that this villain will be crucial to the plot. So maybe he will be in the movie, maybe just the after credit. All I Know is that to me, the synopsis made it sound like this villain will be a part of the movie. It sounded like Surtur. That's my stance on that. I'd be thrilled just to see him, even if it is the last 35 min of the movie

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