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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

~Opening the Scars~

I sit in a darkened corner of a homeless shelter, my friend on a cot next to me, draped and hidden in a blanket. He's been out since the escape from Alcatraz, and I have no idea when he's going to come to. I'd take him to a hospital, but no one is going to help two wanted mutants, especially when one looks like him.

Slipping the laptop out and opening to where the doctor from Alcatraz was, I begin looking through files, trying to find anything that can help me with my search. Most of it is science stuff that goes right over my head, but a folder on the desktop reads "Intel" and I click on that.

But as I do, the mutant next to me begins to stir. I place my hand on his shoulder and say, "Don't move too much. The blanket will come off and you'll blow our cover."

"Very vell...vhere are we?" Wagner responds groggily.

"A homeless shelter," I respond. "We'll stay here for the night. We'll figure out the rest tomorrow morning."

"Thank you," he says full of gratitude. "If not for you...I vould probably be dead soon."

"Don't mention it," I respond with a smile. "We...our kind needs to stick together. I had no intention of leaving you there. How did you get there, to begin with? I can teleport. Seems easy to escape."

"I vas part of a circus in Germany," he responds. "Zhey vere the people that found me vhen I vas a baby. Zhey raised me as one of zheir own. Never treating me like a freak or an outsider. I vas very happy there..."

"I'm sorry."

"You did not take me from zhem," he says, a hint of anger begins to cloud his voice as he continues. "Four months ago, a man booked our circus for a private function. Vhen we showed up for it, we vere ambushed by government agents. Zhey sedated me...and as far as I know killed my family. Vhen I came to, I vas hooked up to zhat substance."

"What was it?" I ask. "The stuff seemed to completely incapacitate you."

"I heard them talking," he says, sitting up, but keeping himself covered, "zhey said it attacked the X-Gene. Vhat makes us mutants. It reduces us to zhis. In short doses it does not work long. But it can keep us down."

I sit and think about the ramifications of this solution. The government has long been debating on how they could incarcerate dangerous mutants if need be. What's the point of a prison if someone can blow open a wall with the flick of a wrist?

But if they can keep them in a catatonic state, or take their powers away with a drug, their problem is solved.

And if they want to wage war, they now have a weapon.

I'm about to respond to Kurt before something catches my eye on the computer screen. Documents, intel, and dossiers on some sort of cult the government has run into and clashed with over mutants. It says the cult has also gone about kidnapping mutant children from their homes, but it doesn't say where or what they do with them.

From the information I have in front of me, they are armed, radical, and dangerous.

"Kurt," I say, looking up at my new ally, "did you ever hear them talk about the Cult of Apocalypse?"

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