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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
^ Yeah Surtur is on the same level of power as All-Father's such as Odin so Thor would stand little chance in a one on one fight.
Which is my point exactly. If this Surtur / Portal speculation turns out to be true, we know Thor can't beat Surtur in battle (unless they make Surtur really lame), which means Thor's only chance to stop Surtur is to close the portal before he enters midguard. Now I love Surtur as a character and would love to see him used as much as anyone, but I fear this sort of climax might feel to some like they copied the Avengers and couldn't come up with a new idea. It's almost like how I felt about Iron Man 2 with them making Whiplash into basically another armored vesion of Iron Man (just with whips), which was made worse by the fact that the main villian in part one was also an armored type villian (although a much better and more comic accurate Iron Monger). So, it's almost like a Marvel Exec. said well it worked last time lets just do it again. The problem is that people want to see fresh characters and fresh ideas not the same ones being rehashed. So, anyways that is kind of what concerns me with the whole Surtur thing if it turns out to be true. Either way though you know I will be watching it several times, I just want the movies to continue to do well so we will be getting sequels for years to come.


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