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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Deserana View Post
It is an entirely different kind of an accomplishment but I'd say The Dark Knight is up there with LotR. For a Batman franchise to be a successful as this trilogy was after Batman Forever and Batman and Robin was remarkable. Yes the established Batman fanbase was there but there was no guarantee it would build up a new general audience.

It also came out in a time where comic book films and superhero films were dominiting the big screen so to be able to stand out from them was also a big achievement. This trilogy also undoubtabely influenced many other films (Amazing Spider-Man, Man of Steel, Skyfall) and will continue. They are big ambitious films all loved by fans and critics and earnt a ****load of money back.

Also an accomplishment in filmmaking with Nolan's big scale storytelling with practical effects and the biggest IMAX film in film history. The city brawl, stadium scene, 18 wheeler, hundreds of cop cars chase, the bat/truck chase is all massive practical old school storytelling.

From Day 1 Warner let the Director tell the story he wanted to (Quite rare with a big franchise) and let it go from there.

It may be for different reasons but I'd say The Dark Knight Trilogy is just as big an accomplishment as the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
As good as Nolan's trilogy may have turned out (film 3 notwithstanding) the shear audacity of Jackson to bring the single greatest fantasy story ever written to life in one massive filming period is by far a bigger accomplishment. It's not even a contest, shooting 3 films at once and releasing them in consecutive years? Unheard of. 300+ day shooting, the constant script changes along the way, a fully CG character that had to act, a nightmare schedule for post production, and the fact that all it needed was one bad film to screw up the rest of the series. So much could have gone wrong with LOTR yet Jackson nailed it, and was justifiably rewarded. ROTK winning wasn't because it was the best film, it was for the entire project.

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