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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

I too believe it has to be The Hobbit that we'll get the new trailer; makes sense, as having three big trailers in front of oen big movie wouldn't be something to miss. But, if it weren't, what other movie do you think they would attach it towards?

This month: Monsters, Inc. 3D (I've seen weirder (aka Iron Lady trailer was attached to Spy Kids 4D, no joke)) | Zero Dark Thirty (up here because of the 9/11 connection makign it big) | Django Unchained | Les Misérables (last two being big release Christmas movies).

January: Gangster Squad (interesting if so, as the writer of the film is writing Justice League) | Last Stand (Schwarzenegger?). And only one for February, even though I really doubt we wouldn't see the first full trailer this late, though X-Men First Class was as an example: Good Day to Die Hard.

That's my examples, but I really think its Hobbit. Why wouldn't be? I guess the only reason why we haven't heard about the trailer yet is because they are working on it.

Trailers are their own production too: how much do you show, not to spoil the audience months before the release, but also to convince the audience of what your selling. Makes sense, given what it is: Superman.

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