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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
There was no magic screwy edit in the final shots with the bomb. The close up of Batman's puss is like seconds before the bomb goes boom.
Its only seconds for the viewer, but possibly nearly a minute for Batman (I don't have a bootleg so I can't check). We see the close up of Batman in the cockpit before (and not even immediately before, as I recall) the last shot of the timer counting down (not the other way around as some have started to believe). So yeah, there's no timey-wimey weirdness or "magic screwy edit" going on in those moments, but there's also no mistake. It’s all rather straightforward:

-Bruce cables the bomb to the Bat with about a minute and a half remaining on the timer (I think, I'm sure someone can check.)
-Bruce takes it out over the bay. Close up shot in the cockpit.
-Unseen by anyone, including the audience, Bruce ejects. It of course happens off camera/between shots, otherwise the "surprise" at the end would be spoiled.
-the bomb's timer counts down its last seconds. At this point we can only guess how long the Bat's been on autopilot.

So while the editing definitely leads the audience into feeling as though Bruce was with the Bat up until the last seconds, it doesn't actually present that as what happened.

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