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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by kane9321 View Post
IM off the arrow ship, to much bs drama..not enough action. When ollie and laurel are on screen together my stomach churns
Originally Posted by Ultra Nolanite View Post
They just need to make it more comic booky and less CWy.
This might sound harsh but comic book fans are not the show's sole target demographic; or even main target demographic for that matter. Focusing solely on the comic book elements threatens to make the show very one dimensional. Which is boring. In fact, I'd say that the show should spend more time focusing on and developing further the character relationships, over the action alone which has thus far already been pretty good.

As it stands, all successful live-action superhero TV show (e.g. Lois & Clark, Smallville, even Buffy if you count it as a superhero show) featured romance and the characters' interperesonal drama; and did not succeed on their superhero antics alone.

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