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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

^ Thats the way I was thinking about it, and it took me a few minutes to wrap my head around it, simply because I havent read DoFP in 20 years.

But remember the time travel is to the past, not to the future. The future scenes are the alternate future... completely different from the 3 films we saw. The event that needs to be prevented is in the past or modern day - which for First Class is during Kennedy times.

They would be trying to save the history we are aware of and have seen in X-Men 1 - 3 where a Mutant isnt blamed for the assassination (No sentinels/death squads/no mutant registration act/ no mass mutant murders, etc).
The alternate future, where a mutant IS blamed would contain none of what we saw in the 3 films. It would be all together different. The established trilogy would cease to exist.

The magic bullet theory does exist in our, and the first 3 films reality. So JFK is assassinated in both time lines. The difference might be a Magneto grandstand where his intent was to be a show of force to the world.

For instance, Magneto is preoccupied with a few Mutants and his chance to kill JFK in front of the world is quickly passing by... Oswald shoots, and Magneto "aware" of the bullet, makes sure it takes Kennedy out by forcing it to go in and out of his body many times...Oswald is still blamed and established history is saved.

The scenario theyre trying to stop would be Magneto landing in front of the line of cars and in a display of power,killing Kennedy and the people in attendence. As a result the people and gov't panic and hello sentinels and mutants death squads.

Its too bad it really wouldnt work out for Cyclops to be in this. I would love to see something where Cyclops is a huge hero in the alt future scenes, so essentially, by fighting to prevent the "bad" future for Mutants, Scott is actually securing the meaningless death we saw.

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