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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
Well, on the one hand you are saying you think it unlikely for Magneto to be helping construct the new Cerebro, and then on the other hand that Cerebro would be the first thing Charles would set out to build.

If we are going to see the exact Cerebro that is in X1 and X2 - which Charles said Magneto helped him build - then it's going to go against continuity if Magneto isn't involved.

I thought the idea was for a shared universe with a coherent timeline and good continuity?

So what's your view on contradicting those plot elements of X1 and X2, where it was said Magneto helped build the machine and it was clear that Magneto knew exactly how it worked (and so did Mystique, as she knew how to sabotage it and what Erik was doing to it at the dam).

I really don't like it that these films are disregarding things within the franchise. It's jarring. And it just gives fuel to the Marvel worshippers who look for every opportunity to tear apart Fox's films while hailing Marvel Studios as the saviour of the superhero genre.

In my view, there are two ways round this:

1) The Cerebro at the mansion in the 60s setting is an early version that doesn't look like the big round room of X1 and X2, thus allowing us to think that Magneto helped construct that much later version.

2) The 1960s Cerebro at the mansion was partially built with Erik's help during the time period of First Class, when Erik was at the mansion and before they flew off to Cuba and the beach separation of Xavier and Magneto occurred. In the upcoming sequel, we could see Xavier, Beast (and whoever else - Forge?) finishing it off, or at least making mention of it being finished and unveiling it to the students.

For instance:

Charles (standing with Beast, speaking to Banshee and Havok): 'Well, this is the new Cerebro. Erik and I had started constructing it when he was here with us and now, finally, it's operational so we can start searching for new students.'
It will be 2.If we see In onscreen that's a different story

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