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Default Re: So what will be this Preventable Event?

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Matthew Vaughn himself raised possibilty of Magneto assassination JFK for taking all the credit for solving the cuban Missille crisis

That would start the chain of events to antimutant hysteria.for DOFP to work some event In past causes sentinles In post X-Men trilogy and The wolverine.

It would make sense for Sentinles to be created post Trilogy and The Wolveriine.we have had weapon X,Registration act,Stryker's genocidel plan,and the cure against mutants.The Sentinles could work as next weapon against mutants.

With all due respect thinking they will keep mutants a secret to public for 30 plus years after events of first Class Is't likely.And noone besides the X-Men know that Kelly was killed and replaced by Mystique.
Yes, the US government learns this when they have Mystique apprehended
in X3.

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