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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Okay, first, I'll reply to what's come before. Then I'll have another post that is inspired by the conversation going on over in the main Spoilers thread.

Edit: this idea is not really working all that well. It's stalled out in the file on my computer. If I can get it pulled together, I'll post it. But there are all these holes, grr.. . . Oh, and I suppose I should get some other stuff done too

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

JonAqua said:
Malekith leads their army, algrim takes on thor, is defeated, mocked, and "killed" by Malekith. As algrim is in Hela's real, surtur is in backround, Hela is impressed by his hatred and passion for wanting to defeat thor, has surtur turn him into kurse, and bring him back to life.
Oh, I *love* this! Love this! This is awesome! I think you were thinking Surtur would do both the reviving and the mod'ing, but consider this: I was reading Hela's profile, and she can bring people back to life. So she brings Algrim back to life as Algrim, and then Surtur turns him into Kurse. How 'bout that?

Elizah said:
I do like your scenario of Algrim going back to Hel and Surtur and Hela beefing him up, and sending him back. My only question is how could he not remember Malekith trying to kill him right away.
Well, it's actually true to the Simonson telling that Kurse has, er, memory issues straight out of the gate. At first he thinks Thor is responsible, since that's who he remembers battling at the time of his death. I believe in the books Thor asks teh Beyonder to teleport Kurse to Hel. Kurse thinks Thor is down there in Hel somewhere, so he charges around for a while causing Hela grief (so that's another reason why Jon's idea is so fun). Then Kurse is clanging around New York for a while (forget how he gets there) fighting Beta Ray Bill, thinking he's Thor. Finally he remembers that it was Malekith that did this. By this time Malekith is in disguise as Balder in Asgard. (And I think Loki is sitting in his jail cell in Asgard disguised as Malekith. So two little tidbits to file away in case it helps with plot holes) So Kurse gets up to Asgard and causes a lot of property damage trying to get Malekith. Finally, he gets his elf and thereafter becomes peaceful.

So yeah, he could fail to remember Malekith when he's first revived.

I said:
[Jane] could also potentially build a portal that traps/destroys the army. Is she prepared to be that brutal?
Elizah said:
Exactly. Moral Sacrifice and is she willing to do that, and could she be clever enough to do something like what Tony did in a similar circumstance in the beginning of Iron Man 1. I dont know. Smarter people than me need to figure that one out. LOL
Well, I have great faith in our Woman of Science LOL And since I'm convinced Thor is totally more powerful than Iron Man, I'm happy to have Jane go toe-to-toe with Stark in the brain department Maybe Jane could put them in a closed-ended "portal". So they're neither dead nor a threat. She could let them out once Kurse is peaceful. (This is also a moment of irony/Jane saying, "Screw you, universe!": one of the ways Jane has exited the story in the books is that she was trapped in some sort of inter-dimensional rift (and Thor and Sif later rescued her).)

Elizah said:
You do not put a big red bus with "Moral Sacrifice" blazed in big letters across it, and Stan Lee possibly driving the bus, no less, without that being a very very important theme.
Channeling Anton Checkov, I see: "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired. Otherwise don't put it there."

Elizah said:
I feel confident A LOT [of Asgardians] will not appreciate Thor going off to protect Midgard when Asgard needs him. This would certainly set up a scenario where Loki is looking better to them as King
I believe at one point in the books Thor declines the throne, saying he still wants to do more hero-type stuff and in particular spend time on Earth. That may even be at the end of this Simonson run, when the Althing votes on the next king. (Loki didn't have the vote in that one after all). I believe Balder was king for a while.

If they do something like that (though I do agree with Elizah's earlier point about an Althing dragging down the wrap-up of the film), then maybe they vote in Loki or maybe . . .Tyr. (Just sayin'! If in the first act you have put another heir . . . .) I do think you are spot on regarding the attitudes of at least some Asgardians.

Elizah said:
[If Thor]'s king that may make him too powerful, and the other heros won't have as much to do, and for that matter he could send his Asgardian army down to fight whatever
Well, like we discussed with someone. . .somewhere, forget who and which thread (sorry! I was going to say JonAqua, but then I thought it might have been Herolee10), Thor when he is fighting alongside of the Avengers probably tries to hang back as much as possible so that Midgardians fight their own battles to the extend of their abilities. It helps their growth as a people. But if he's king, it's so hard to get away. . .And there's also his people saying, "why are you so concerned with those guys?"

What you say here also brings up a big obstacle for this whole Thor2 story liine: Odin's power level. He's a million billion times more powerful than Thor (plus or minus). So why can't he protect Frigga? Why do they need help from Valhalla? Why do they need Thor to do anything? So they have to keep Odin from doing a bunch of stuff, but then if Surtur shows up at the end, they need Odin to do stuff at full strength. The plot has to accomplish all this without using the same Odinsleep plot device because that would be boooooring (and not reflect well on his character).

I just hope that we dont have any Ewok's singing.
hahahah Or Jane in a bunch of ridiculous costumes

Seriously, though, I think you are right about it not being every episode the hero completely triumphant.

OMG My post is frickin' huge!

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