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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

The sun was starting to set by this point so the quality of my phone camera pictures was steadily going downhill, sorry folks.

The main set from another angle

At this point I figured I had seen everything that was on offer for today so headed back to my car via the bus and trailers.

Although I did see the other half of the taxi and some other wrecked cars hiding behind some trucks

To get back to my house I have to drive up the side of Greenwich Park and as I was passing I saw some big white trailers hiding behind the trees. Oooh! More film stuff! After driving up and down the carpark trying to find a parking space I managed to get up close to the trailers to have a nose at the signs on the doors. I spotted this one

Along with Marvel and Malekith however all of the rest were covered over or obscured by the hair+makeup or costume trailers There were at least another 15 though so I'm guessing that if Selvig is there then Jane will be amongst them too. In here somewhere?

The observatory that they were all parked up by. The Meridian is in the courtyard here so you can hop from one timezone to the next

Someone has a nice view!

I took this last pic to give an overview of the area. This is looking down towards the Uni, river and Isle of Dogs (Canary Wharf). The muddy section in the middle is where the Equestrain events were held for London 2012 and filming is happening in behind the white building. The observatory was behind me if that helps put it into context.

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