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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
This is mainly for American Maid but look if you must... (anybody else may not know what the heck I'm talking about lol)

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okay so, this is totally coming from left field but I am liking the idea we were discussing in the Alice Krige thread of them linking the Tesseract/Beyonder figure to Jane and that being what possesses her in Thor 2. That makes A LOT of sense if the possession thing is true since that could be what changes Algrim to Kurse. Why add another element like a possession story if it's not linked to that? it would be quite extraneous. And then you said that the Beyonder tends to just go off and wander/explore and try things so wouldn't necessarily have to be defeated right at the end of Thor 2. Then I thought about that stuff Joss said about the next Avengers digging deeper...

and then i thought... wow, i wonder if Jane possessed by the Tesseract/Beyonder winds up being the other big bad with Thanos in Avengers 2? And maybe she's what Thanos winds up in love with/obsessed with in this version.

OH yea post-reconned Beyonder is a Cosmic Cube. Potentially the MCU Cosmic Cube could gain consciousness and become the Beyonder! He can then turn Algrim the strong into Kurse.

Finally the Shaper and Kubik explained the origin of the Beyonder's and the Molecule Man's power. There is another dimension, where a race of incredibly powerful beings known as the Beyonders (plural) live and watch our universe. In many ways their motives are like a mix of the Watchers and the Celestials--over the eons of existence, they have observed and manipulated the evolution of life and intelligence in our dimension. According to the Shaper, they are beneficent in their motives. They often hire aliens from our universe to do their work for them. For instance, they hired the Nuwali to conduct experiments in evolution in the Savage Land. Later they created Cosmic Cubes. Each Cosmic Cube is a receptacle for energy that comes from their dimension. The Cubes are immensely powerful and can fulfill the wishes of their owners. These Cubes eventually develop and gain an intelligence and desires of their own. The Shaper developed from a Cube made by Skrull scientists. Kubik developed from a Cube made by A.I.M. scientists on Earth.

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