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Default Re: TDKR Oscar Chances? - Part 1

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
As good as Nolan's trilogy may have turned out (film 3 notwithstanding) the shear audacity of Jackson to bring the single greatest fantasy story ever written to life in one massive filming period is by far a bigger accomplishment. It's not even a contest, shooting 3 films at once and releasing them in consecutive years? Unheard of. 300+ day shooting, the constant script changes along the way, a fully CG character that had to act, a nightmare schedule for post production, and the fact that all it needed was one bad film to screw up the rest of the series. So much could have gone wrong with LOTR yet Jackson nailed it, and was justifiably rewarded. ROTK winning wasn't because it was the best film, it was for the entire project.
I dont think a movie should be celebrated by how much difficult it was to make. Or else Mr. Gilliam would have a full shelf.

I honestly think if a movie like ROTK wins 11 (or 12 ? i dont remember) oscars , than any movie is up for consideration.That's why i always feel the proportion and interest regarding the oscars to me is baffling. I simply cant understand the phenomenon. But it was much worst a long time ago , as time passes by , as cinema (worlwide cinema ) is available to anyone , the whole thing is losing some of its importance (or maybe my perception is completely wrong)

I feel time has not been kind to Jackon's project. I really like fellowship (until the council) , but the other two...ugh. Recently i rewatched it , and a lot of things feels really dated. But i have no idea why im writing this in a Batman forum

So yeah , i completely disagree. Not the audacity of the project , i believe it was a labor of love and sweat , but the quality of it is not very good. From a filmmaking point of view (and that is what matters to me) , Nolan's Batman to me is much more impressive project (and im not saying this because of some bias regarding my favorite superhero , because i'm also very fond of Tolkiens work , )

But i also have to say i wont be disappointed if Batman dont get any recognition. Its not the type of thing we should care.

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