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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by Surfer View Post
I don't think the gem looking thing on Loki's staff was a Mind Gem, I just think it was part of the Spear of Destiny. I mean with a name like the Spear of Destiny you don't exactly want it to look like just any old spear, and being that it's a comic book movie giving it a type of power makes sense.

Also, we know that the Infinity Gauntlet resides in Odin's vault. So, what the Gauntlet is just a glove without gems? It really doesn't make sense, and if it's being suggested that the Gauntlet had the Gems to begin with, but that Loki took them and gave them to Thanos, so that Thanos could hand him one back, well (as you kind of said in your comment above about not being on board) to me that just make no sense what so ever. First off Loki wouldn't give them to Thanos, and Thanos definitely would not be giving them back.

As for the screenwriter's excuse thing you posted I really hope they don't make Odin weak again in this movie. What I would really like to see is that Malekith releases Surtur and the Sons of Muspel on Asgard, but it's only a distraction for his ultimate Goal which is to conquer earth. So, Odin expects Thor, Loki, Sif, Heimdel and the Warriors three to fight the Sons of Muspel, while he goes off and takes on Surtur, but when Thor learns of Malekith's intentions to conquer earth. He leaves Asgard to save earth, where he battles Kurse, Malekith and his dark elves. After saving earth from this threat he returns to Asgard and learns that Asgard won the battle, but not without a lot of destruction and death one of those people who died being Frigga.

So, that is kind of a long the lines of what I would like to see.


I like this. But again, if Surtur WILL be in this movie, I don't think it will be a small little part. IF he is in this movie, I think the climax will be against him. After everything else is done. Meaning, I don't think it will be odin taking on surtur in asgard while thor deals with earthly things. I think that if surtur comes in, it will be after the dark elves have been defeated, malekith killed, kurse...redeemed, hell, I won't be surprised if Thor and Kurse have words after he defeats malekith, good words, comrads if you will.

After all this, I can see Surtur coming to earth, with an army, poses a distraction to keep thor and his allies busy, Surtur then goes to asgard, prooves to be too much for Odin alone, Thor ends up realizing what's going on, and goes home to find odin loosing to surtur, loki joins them, and in a good battle, an epic battle with great effects, the 3 of them defeat surtur, but Odin dies.

What I would PREFER, is if surtur stays a presence through out the movie. And the after credit scene is simply him finishing twilight. Then Thor 3 will be about Surtur's attack. Though not too sure if they can do an entire movie with that.

But I think Surtur will be in this movie cause the synopsis makes it sound like..that villain will have a pretty big role. Malekith is mentioned by name, so surtur makes sense. The synopsis makes it sound like this villain will have a bigger role

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