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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

And, Yes, I would agree with Rock Sexton. If someone is in here they are just begging to be spoiled. And its a pain in the butt to add all these tags! So... let's drop the spoiler tags here, now shall we?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
First off, I am having trouble understand what you are saying, do you think the entire franchise will END with Loki on the Throne? ( in the comics, Loki ends up on the throne through manipulation and schemes) Or do you think the scenarios of THIS movie will end with Loki on the throne. If that's what you mean, then I agree. That the scenarios of this movie, COULD end with Loki on the throne.

However, you can't deny, that at the end of thor 3, or in the future, Thor WILL get the throne elizah lol.
Yes just at the end of Thor 2, Avengers 2 and at least beginning of Thor 3. not through the end of the franchise. Yes, Thor will end up King eventually. And yes certainly Loki is likely to do a certain amount of manipulating in my scenario to help him get to the throne at the end of Thor 2. But my point is, it won't last, mischief and mayhem will ensue. And that makes Thor 3 all the more interesting.

I just don't see them being able to forgive him for ALL that JUST because he is there and thor isn't. For that reason, I really don't think Loki will get the throne AGAIN, he's done too many bad. I am getting that vibe that with all the damage done, the asgardians may percieve Loki as they percieve him in the comics, although he can redeem himself, and do something for the good, they can still never trust him, and will never give him the throne.
However, we dont know what the average Asgardian knows, do we? And if the average Asgardian says, "good! He should destroy the Frost Giants! They are a menace! I tell my children about them at night!" and they don't know that Loki is a frost giant (unless they have rag newspapers and expose tv shows, word may not have gotten out about all of that). And so maybe they dont know what exactly happened with Loki trying to kill Thor and co, and just that small group of insiders like Sif, the warriors 3 and Heimdall know. After his family's shock and sadness about Loki's "death" they may very well have asked people to not to speak of it or remember him this way, to remember the good times. Sort of like what was done with Harvey Dent in Batman in the end. They could have just kept that stuff quiet like that, and tried to let Loki's memory to the rest of the Asgardians be positive, rather than something so terrible. So... I'm just sayin'.... The average Asgardian may not know anything about what happened on Midgard either, or particularly care. We will get a better idea about all of this, and what Asgardians as a whole actually know about all of that when the movie comes out. But they may not know much. Now the Warriors 3, Heimdall and Sif, will certainly have a problem with it, but if they are outnumbered by those who think he has a right to the throne, and are mad at Thor for not fighting beside them, and without knowing this other stuff Loki did, then certainly Sif etc may not be able to do anything about it. (which sort of what happened in Thor 1 when the Warriors 3 started suspecting. They knew they couldnt just walk in there and take Loki off the throne, the guards there would defend their new king for sure. Even Heimdall hesitated to do anything like that.)

Did I say something about cutting down posting here before? Ha! Like that's gonna happen.

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