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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Lol I know, but he's done soooo much bad.

And yah, I thought I was gunna cut back, and now I've made almost 200 posts in 4 days -_-
I know he has, but just to add to what I just said about the average Asgardian knows.... what if the only thing that got out was he was responsible for killing Laufey, and little else of the truth? I mean, they may see him as a BIG HERO! And then his stupid brother broke the bifrost for some reason. Dumbass...

besides the fact, think of the average movie goer for Thor 2. With Thor winning per usual, They come out happy Thor won, now he's king, all is good in the universe and there were some cool fight scenes too. They say, "I hope they do a Thor 3, more cool fight scenes and Thor is going to be supercharged with the Odinforce."


the average movie goer comes out, "what??!?! They made Loki King?!?!?! What the!?!??! And Thor's all sad on Earth? They can't end like that!!! What the hell happens next? What the? I NEED to see Thor 3 now!!!!"

See the difference?

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