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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

It's really not rocket science.

Xavier is talking about the fact that Magneto helped him build the particular big round Cerebro room that they're standing in during X-MEN when he says "Because he helped me build it". Ergo, Magneto helped Xavier build that particular room, which, in X-MEN and X2, is the only Cerebro anyone knew had existed at that point.

Xavier never says "Because he helped me design and create all versions of Cerebro and Beast, who we haven't even introduced yet, had nothing to do with it", so when another, earlier version of Cerebro shows up in FIRST CLASS, as long as nothing contradicts Magneto possibly building this big round room version that we see in X-MEN and X2...there has not been a continuity error.

Since we haven't seen Cerebro built into a big, round room in the mansion yet in the FIRST CLASS franchise, there's absolutely nothing to suggest that there's been any kind of continuity error regarding that statement and what's shown in FIRST CLASS.

There are actual continuity errors in the franchise...why this is the one people harp on is beyond me.

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