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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Which is the only scene the film gives us in regard to their relationship. Where it becomes apparent that Bane’s stated plan…was actually Talia’s plan, and borne out of her own desire for revenge.
Borne out of her desire for revenge, as well as their radical desire to see Gotham punished. Bane was always a radical. This is made clear from the start of the film. Revenge against Bruce isn't his or Talia's only motivation, nor does the fact that Talia desires revenge against Bruce indicate that she alone is in charge.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
It doesn’t.

What it does do is seriously cast into doubt whether Bane has any strong motivations of his own, which weakens him as a character.

That’s part of the reason people are calling him a “lackey”. It’s hyperbole on their part… clearly he’s more involved than just being a henchman, but Talia’s speech at the end of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES essentially boils down to “He did it all for me” and reveals that the intent behind everything going on stems from her own desire for revenge, which makes Bane look like he doesn’t have any motivations of his own. And since Talia’s motivations is fairly weak, and is basically a warmed over version of Ra’s Al Ghul’s mixed with a generic revenge plot…this isn’t a good thing for Bane in the least.
But Bane DOES have a motivation of his own. See? Even in the scenario you describe, bane has a motivation - to obsessively and relentlessly be Talia's protector and ally. She is to Bane what Gotham City is to Bruce.

But the scenario you described isn't a full enough picture. Bane is quite clear about his views that Gotham is corrupt. He calls the stock brokers thieves ("We have nothing to steal!" "Then why are you people here?"). He mocks Jim Gordon and his letter. He views himself as a "necessary evil." He quite clearly has motivations of his own beyond Talia's personal desires of vengeance. One little scene does not change all that.

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