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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Okay so, to continue discussions while we wait for more spoilers and pictures and leaks to come through... with Thor 2 we are expecting to see all the 9 realms involved. (or at least creatures representing them all) . I am not sure if it was confirmed for sure all 9 though I know it has been rumored all along. So...

Realms we definitely have represented in Thor 2: Asgard, Midgard, Svartalfheim (Dark Elves)

Realms probably represented in Thor 2 (according to our guesses about plot here): Niffleheim (Hel), Muspelheim (Fire Giants and Demons)

Assuming we do see most of the realms, if not quite all, out of the ones we have left, which do you think will also make it in, and why? What impact might they have on the story?

Remaining realms:
Vanaheim (Vanir)
Alfheim (Light Elves)
Jotunheim (Frost Giants)
Nidavellir (Dwarfs)

This is a nice website with reference to the mythology, with the page on the realms here:

and another site to reference with pictures of Marvel's version of the 9 realms:
Way to go Elizah! It was too quiet around here. I got 4 hours of work done.

I for one would like to see the Vanir and Vanaheim. How are they distinct from the Aesir? It doesn't look like they've appeared very often in the books, so it seems likely we'll see these guys.

You had suggested that they might be part of the coalition attacking at Bourne Woods. Here's another idea: in the Simonson arc, Frigga evacuates the children out of Asgard (like all 12 of them) immediately prior to Surtur's attack. I looked at some pages someone had posted. They don't make it clear where exactly they go, but it looks to be some province on the same world. But maybe some Asgardian refugees could go to Vanaheim, if they are on friendly terms with Asgard.

We're also likely to see Alfheim (via Stonehenge?) I suppose they will have to go to pains to avoid looking like Lord of the Rings. I wonder what their relationship to the Svartalfheim is. If they think Malekith & Co have gone too far, will they intervene to provide balance? Will they sit it out, secretly resenting Asgard? The Marvel page says Odin appointed an Asgardian to rule over Alfheim. That can't sit well with them. There are even fewer appearances of Alfheim than of Vanaheim in the books.

Maybe if Thor convinces Kurse to lead the dark elves into an era of peace that might mollify the light elves a bit.

Jotunheim--we've been there, seen that, so they probably won't do much if anything there. They're probably not in a hurry to see Our Hero either.

If we need any McGuffins, then I suppose they'll go to Nidavellir. At one point I had wondered if they would need to go there to get parts for the rainbow bridge. But there's clearly not time for that now.

Actually, there's a minor point that I see in rereading your post. Will we actually visit the realm or see representation (or influence) from each realm?

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