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Default Re: Lack of impact in Batman´s appearence scenes

For me, it is Batman's impact that makes the lack of Batman scenes work in TDKR.

The stock exchange scene was all kinds of awesome, but the scene really becomes something else once Batman shows up in the tunnels. Then when he disappears and reappears from the side of the screen with the Bat-flapping motif, was one of the most bad ass Batman moments from the trilogy. The entire Batman returns scene is extremely memorable, IMO.

Other great Batman moments were:

- Batman jumping off the ledge to assist Catwoman in combat.
- Batman fighting from the shadows leading up to the first Bane fight.
- Batman returning on Ice through the smoke.
- Batman swooping down on the mercs and saving Blake.
- Batman getting the upper hand on Bane during their second fight then kicking him through the door.
- "Tell me where the trigger is, then you have my permission to die."
- "A hero can be anyone..."
- "War."
- "The mask isn't for you. It's to protect the people you care about."
- "So that's what that feels like?"

I added various quotes in there for good measure.

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