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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Actually, there's a minor point that I see in rereading your post. Will we actually visit the realm or see representation (or influence) from each realm?
I'm not sure that we'll see the realms or they will just be represented through characters (I think more likely). Just take my question as, will they be somehow represented.

Here is one page on screenrant that talks about the rumor that all 9 realms MAY be showcased with some pictures of concept art (not official) and a map of the 9 Realms which is nice (though it looks different in the movie)

Also note at the bottom there, the "fun fact"

In Marvel Comics, Odin has a mystical viking longship called Skipbladnir that he uses to travel through space. It can change size and fit in your pocket!
I that someone came up with that idea. Makes me hmmm... maybe Odin is the one who doesn't know how to land his ship without crashing into a palace? Huh, AM?

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
Way to go Elizah! It was too quiet around here. I got 4 hours of work done.
Oh, no! We can't have that! Poor thing!

I for one would like to see the Vanir and Vanaheim. How are they distinct from the Aesir? It doesn't look like they've appeared very often in the books, so it seems likely we'll see these guys.
I've got mixed feelings, I'd like to see them. I'm intrigued by the idea that they might be warring with the Asgarians at this point in MCU, competing for power over the 9 realms. Or they could decide to fight together against a greater threat. Either way I think we will see them. From the mythology they are an older "god' than the Asgardians, and more nature based. So I think their surroundings and attire would reflect that, probably will have more of a viking influence even than the Asgardians, and more rough and natural with animal skins and furs, and less gold and glitter.

You had suggested that they might be part of the coalition attacking at Bourne Woods. Here's another idea: in the Simonson arc, Frigga evacuates the children out of Asgard (like all 12 of them) immediately prior to Surtur's attack. I looked at some pages someone had posted. They don't make it clear where exactly they go, but it looks to be some province on the same world. But maybe some Asgardian refugees could go to Vanaheim, if they are on friendly terms with Asgard.
Good idea. I can see her doing that. And then in an attack on Vanaheim she is killed defending children? Possibly. Would be an honorable way for her to go. I just dont want it to be something lame, just to have her die and move the plot forward, she should go down fighting with honor.

We're also likely to see Alfheim (via Stonehenge?) I suppose they will have to go to pains to avoid looking like Lord of the Rings. I wonder what their relationship to the Svartalfheim is. If they think Malekith & Co have gone too far, will they intervene to provide balance? Will they sit it out, secretly resenting Asgard? The Marvel page says Odin appointed an Asgardian to rule over Alfheim. That can't sit well with them. There are even fewer appearances of Alfheim than of Vanaheim in the books.
I think some of the casting calls for natural blondes and attractive men and women who don't mind skimpy outfits, really points to Alfheim, maybe that's what they are doing with the Vanir, but I'd lean towards Alfheim. Although that concept art pictured on that site doesn't show them as being too attractive. I think they may wind up being sexy LOTR elves maybe. LOL
They have been used little from what I can tell in Marvel, but they are good guys, so it seems like they would aid the Asgardians. But also if you look at the description of the myth of light elves, it would make them more seem like the hippies of the 9 realms, all peaceful and angelic and such, so might not be too good in a fight if they go in that direction. Their appointed leader Freyr was originally a Vanir with his sister Freya, interestingly. But they may not show that either. (When the Asgardians and Vanir made peace they traded a couple of their people in the myths) I agree I can see realms being annoyed at having an appointed Asgardian looking over them.

Jotunheim--we've been there, seen that, so they probably won't do much if anything there. They're probably not in a hurry to see Our Hero either.
I would really like it touched on what is going on after Thor 1 there, but I agree we may not get that. Hm... I wonder if the Frost Giants and the Fire Demons get along at all?

If we need any McGuffins, then I suppose they'll go to Nidavellir. At one point I had wondered if they would need to go there to get parts for the rainbow bridge. But there's clearly not time for that now.
I think Dwarves of Nidavellir are extremely likely to come into it for a weapon or weapons that might turn the tables, either for the bad guys or the good guys. And Loki has a history of tricking them into making things or stealing from them so... that's fun to look forward to. They will definitely need some humor to lighten the mood, and balance with all the dark stuff that's going to probably happen.

Speaking of Loki and Dwarfs, and Freyr and Freya. In looking around the myth and marvel reference sites, I see that Freya, Freyr's sister, is listed for Marvel as being Loki's wife Sigyn's mother and Sigyn's father is Iwaldi.

Iwaldi is a dwarf and father of 8 of Freya's daughters in the comics apparently. In the myths, Freya is the goddess of love but she will do anything for a beautiful piece of gold jewelry! In myth, she comes to a cave and wants this necklace 4 dwarfs have made. She agrees to sleep with all 4 them so she can have it. (not sure if any kids resulted). So although not one of the dwarfs mentioned in the myth, in the comics Iwaldi is the father of 8 daughters of Freya at least (including Idunn) and the story is somewhat similar that she is sleeping with him for her trinket fix. So basicially, the mother of the goddess of fidelity is a pretty much a ho! LOL Too funny. I mention this story too, because the family of Iwaldi, Freya, and Sigyn and her sisters sounds like something a Game of Thrones director would put up on screen. Wonder if Peter Dinklage is available. Hm... And best of all, neither the dwarfs nor Freya like Loki at all (Loki tattled on her and stole her necklace), so... that would be loads of fun to see a story play out with him married to Sigyn and her family hating him! We probably wont get all of that in the MCU, I know, I know... but still... it's all fun fodder for fan fiction in any case.




Are there any other interesting Dwarf characters that could appear from the comics? I do think they are likely to be shown.

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