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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
Hmm. Just been reading up on some of the ideas and opinions here, and I was thinking of a way you could spin some of this movies events in reverse from the first for maximum irony:

So we know that all the Asgardians are stuck on Asgard and bad stuff goes down. Their hegemony being challenged, many of the Asgardians close ranks, possibly even insisting that Loki be slain for his previous treachery or blaming Thor for his "reckless" actions. Odin tries to enforce Asgard's protective doctrine across the nine realms, which spreads the Asgardians thin and allows the Dark Elves to begin moving directly against Asgard (for all we know, they're the first to actually go after the Asgardians-even the Frost Giants only engaged in war after their sperate expansion plans were thwarted,).

Odin grows weaker by the day, while Thor plays champion to the forces of Asgard. Eventually, Odin calls Jane Foster to Asgard for some reason, reuniting with Thor for a while and making her the fish-out-of-water for a while. However, the ensuing conflict threatens to leave Earth abandoned, something Thor will not allow-not just because it is Jane's home, but because he knows that Earth plays a large role in future events thanks to the Avengers.

Under pressure from more jingoistic Asgardians to leave Earth to it's fate, Odin officially abandons Earth, But Thor makes aprincipled stand to defend Midgard. As all heck breaks loose, Asgard comes under direct attack but Thor and Odin realise that Earth is the actual prime jewel. They decide they must defend Earth and Asgard seperately, with Thor being Midgard's new champion. But they have no dark matter.

Enter Loki, who has no problem with the idea of sending Thor on a one-way suicide attack way the heck away from Asgard.

Loki uses his knowledge to get Thor to arrive on Earth just in time for the final battle, wins, but is now again exiled from his home and apart from his love-this time because of his own wisdom and honor.
Ha! That *would* be ironic!

I especially like the political aspects you describe. The other realms resenting Asgard, and the Asgardians resenting their two princes for different reasons.

It will be a very lonely outcome for Jane, since probably most of the Asgardians will look down on her.

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