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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Here's the problem here, in my opinion: people are taking one scene about Bane (the Talia reveal) and making it the all-powerful interpretative key to understanding every scene before it. But in doing so they are shifting the weight from what we were definitively shown before (Bane's strength, resolve, passion, fervor, etc.) to what they suppose is going on in the Talia reveal scene (oh no Talia is really in charge, Bane is just a lackey!). Its an unbalanced interpretative frame. I totally agree Talia was mishandled and wasted, and that Bane's "death" was anti-climactic. Its the level to which the Talia reveal scene supposedly degrades Bane's character in spite of everything that went before that I just don't get, and I haven't seen an argument that convinces me to go along with it.

My two cents.

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