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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Because I'm one of those fans who can't let something go. When I see a character/actor, who protrayed one of the characters I love badly, I cannot let it go. I constantly see them as that character that I HATE. I don't care if it's the writers fault or the actors fault. I still hate them as that character and that's that.

Just to be fair...this also works if I LOVE the character. For instance, it will be very hard for me to see Johnny Depp as someone other than Jack Sparrow...who I love. Though, I will be more willing to accept his new protrayal instead of a character who I loathe because I will have to forget I loathe the previous character they protrayed.

While I guess you may think this is's not that hard of concept. Mark Hamill was forever hampered by people not being able to forget he is/was Luke Skywalker.

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