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Default Re: Lack of impact in Batman´s appearence scenes

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Two of my favorite scenes in the movie involve Batman;

- His big return after 8 years. Taking out Bane's men on the motorcycles, and that epic Police car chase. One thing I wanted to see in TDKR was a scene where Batman is shown to be hunted by a platoon of Cops for Harvey Dent's murder ("Who do you want to catch, some bank robber or the son of a b&tch who killed Harvey Dent?"). Nolan delivered the goods in this scene. That image of the brigade of Cops cars with the red and blue flashing sirens bearing down after the Bat-Pod was beautiful.

- Bane vs Batman in the sewers. Everything in this scene is perfection. It's the Joker interrogation room scene of TDKR in terms of quality and classic hero vs villain confrontation.
those 2 scenes were fantastic

- the 1st one was so TRK Returnsesque; nad the score was perfect, especially when Batman picks up the tablet, ans realizes that they still hate him despite the fact that he is the good guy; the music during that specific moment was so representative of this tragicality

- ah the sewer fight; it was so amazing to finally to get to see it in the theater after all those trailers and all the speculation ; just wow .....
and the fact that there was no score (great decision, much like the TDK chase scene) made it even more awesome
And I didnt see the " I will break you" and back breaking coming

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