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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

I think it could certainly be inferred from the film that Bane wants Bruce to suffer because he represents everything he hates. A man born with nothing vs. a man with a silver spoon. Bruce is given the opportunity to be at Ra's side, something Bane rightfully deserved having saved his daughter, but he's instead cast out. Why? Because he's a monster from hell. Ra's chose the Prince of Gotham over him...only for the Prince of Gotham to turn his back on the League and spit in the face of everything they stood for.

I completely agree with those who have said Bane wanted to succeed where Ra's failed, for these reasons. Couple that with an unwavering loyalty and love for Talia, and you pretty much have Bane's character. It's very much a brotherly battle between Batman and Bane, where Ra's is the father figure. Bruce represents the good aspects of Ra's taken to the extreme, Bane represents the worst aspects of him taken to the extreme.

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