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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

Originally Posted by Doctor Octopus View Post
I think Silva was much better villain than Bane.
I agree , and personally I liked Skyfall more than TDKR. While they deal with a few of the same themes , Skyfall is a smaller scaled and more personal story that TDKR is imo. I also think it communicates alot of the same themes in a much better way than TDKR did. That's mainly do to the fact that it isnt a conclusion to a trilogy and that it isn't bogged down trying to do several things at once the way TDKR did. But they are different animals .

I just prefer Skyfall because for the most part, everything comes together to tell a coehesive, great , emotional story. TDKR at times feels like several seperate set pieces and ideas which never really gell to a united narrative imo, and in the end ,i'm left wishing Nolan had taken a couple of more rewrites of the script.

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