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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 6

Originally Posted by DrexBat21 View Post
How about this one? Or is this for the 4" size? Amazon does not list dimensions.

A 1/6 scale Bat would be cool. Maybe another Target exclusive like the Pod.
That's for the 4" figures. There isn't one for the 6" figures, but you can display one of the two made for the 5" figures with your MMs. It actually looks quite nice. They're a bit hard to find online, but there was one that came out for Batman Begins that had lights and sounds and was repainted a couple of times and then re-issued in the Batman Legacy line in a third paint scheme a couple years back. The first one came in a dark purply color, with the second being black and gold like in the movie. The third one from a few years back was similar to the second version, but without the gold trim and no electronics. There was also a launching version that came out for The Dark Knight that has a launching Batpod. Overall, the BB/Legacy version is more scaled and movie-accurate since some aesthetic qualities of TDK one had to be modified for the launching feature.

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