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Default Re: Lack of impact in Batman´s appearence scenes

Every scene Batman was in, was beyond epic for me. Impact? They had tons of it.

His first appearance was perfection. My heart was racing the whole time. Not only was some of it straight out of Dark Knight Returns but that whole scene (with some tweaks) could have been the opening of the movie. Before the Bane-Plane prologue was announced i was sure TDKR would open with an epic chase like that. We got it anyway with his first appearance back as the Batman, and it was everything i hoped it would be.

Just Human, i was freaking out in the cinema when Bane said "And then i will break you". Then the backbreak. My goodness! Straight out of Knightfall. And people say Nolans trilogy goes against the comics too much. It's the closest the Batman film franchise has ever gotten to the bloody comics!

So ya, HUGE impact for Batmans entrances.

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