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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
So what's your view on contradicting those plot elements of X1 and X2, where it was said Magneto helped build the machine and it was clear that Magneto knew exactly how it worked (and so did Mystique, as she knew how to sabotage it and what Erik was doing to it at the dam).
Well... there are so many unfixable discrepancies between First Class and the original trilogy that one more thing is not going to make a difference. Good continuity at this point is not an option. If they are in fact trying to explicitly connect FC with X1-X3, the end result will be a mess in any case, so I can't get too bothered about who built Cerebro when there's a howler like Charles walking upright in the X3 flashback.

IMO the most sensible thing would be to just keep going with the idea of FC as a loose prequel and its own thing (which I think is possible if they go with the alternate future timeline rather than post-X3 future in DoFP. As far as I'm aware no one actually involved in the project said yet that DoFP is also a sequel to X3 or X2).

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
In my view, there are two ways round this:

1) The Cerebro at the mansion in the 60s setting is an early version that doesn't look like the big round room of X1 and X2, thus allowing us to think that Magneto helped construct that much later version.

2) The 1960s Cerebro at the mansion was partially built with Erik's help during the time period of First Class, when Erik was at the mansion and before they flew off to Cuba and the beach separation of Xavier and Magneto occurred. In the upcoming sequel, we could see Xavier, Beast (and whoever else - Forge?) finishing it off, or at least making mention of it being finished and unveiling it to the students.
I don't think that Charles and Erik would have had time to start working on Cerebro in First Class. If I remember right they only had a week at the mansion and all of their energies seem to have gone into the training before the showdown with Shaw. That was the absolute priority. Squeezing in something as time-consuming and huge as Cerebro and dividing the attention and energy doesn't make sense to me. Charles building Cerebro as soon as he decides on the school does, and it's just such an important aspect of his powers I'd find it weird if it wasn't in the movie at all.

WOLVERINE: So why can't you use it (Cerebro) to find Magneto?
CHARLES: I've been trying, but he's found some way to shield himself from it. (Cerebro)
WOLVERINE: How would he know how to do that?
CHARLES: Because he helped me build it. (Cerebro)
Speaking of discrepancies, this whole exchange actually doesn't make much sense after FC. One, Charles would know exactly why he can't find Magneto because Magneto only had that helmet for like 40 years, so Charles not knowing how Magneto can shield himself does not make sense. Two, he seems to imply here that Magneto is able to shield himself from Cerebro because he knows how it works and would therefore be able to find some way to block it because of this insider knowledge. When in fact Magneto simply inherited the helmet from someone else and his knowledge or lack of knowledge of Cerebro had absolutely nothing to do with it.

You could of course try and say something like, oh Charles just chose to hide the truth from Logan (for what purpose?), but really it's just another indication of how FC was only meant to connect loosely with the trilogy.

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