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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part 6

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Maybe he exaggerated a bit. Not stomp odin, but probably he will not be able to defeat surtur without thor's help and loki's

I agree with Big Thor on this one. Thor and Loki would have little effect on Surtur, and about the only aid they would be able to offer Odin is a possible distraction so he could get the upper hand. However, I think Odin and Surtur are close enough in power levels that a one on one battle between those two would be epic. This is the way I would like to see it.

Act 1

Thor and Loki return to Asgard.

Odin passes judgement on Loki and banishes him to muspellheim as punishment.

Malekith comes into focus as a character wanting to take over the 9 realms.

Malekith uses magic to summon and transport Surtur and the sons of Muspell(via a portal) to Alfheim, with the intention of destroying Alfheim, Vanaheim and eventually Asgard (which all reside on the same planet).

Loki learns of Malekith's intentions to destroy Asgard and returns back to Odin to warn him, not because he is necessarilly a hero but to gain good favor, so that he can return and continue his mischief in the future.

Odin Assembles the best warriors of Asgard (Thor, Loki, Heimdel, Sif, Warriors three, and I would really like to see Baulder) to ride out and meet the impending onslaught of demons before they reach Asgard.

The light Elves prove to be no match for the sons of muspell and with the destruction Surtur brings well all is lost for them, and Surtur and the Sons of Muspell continue on to Vanaheim where the battle between Asgardians and demons begins.

Act 2

In the meantime, Malekith opens a portal and invades earth with his Dark Elves including Kurse. For the purposes of this movie I see Kurse as being a evil dark elf that is extremely powerful physically (on par with Thor), but like a lot of brutes (Hulk) he take orders from a leader (which in this case would be Malekith).

Odin squares off against Surtur, while the other asgardians take on the sons of Muspel.

During the battle Heimdell becomes aware of the invasion on earth due to his all seeing eyes, and notifies Thor.

Thor, makes a conscious decision to leave the battle at Vanaheim (along with his friends and family) to honor and uphold his self inflicted obligations to protect Jane Foster and Earth.

Act 3

The battle between Surtur and Odin continues to rage on in Vanaheim, while without Thor the Sons of Muspel are making headway against the Asgardians and are advancing towards Asgard itself.

Thor meets up with Malekith, Kurse and the Dark Elves in england (where we have seen many of the set photos recently)

Malekith orders Kurse to destroy Thor and a battle insues.

In Vanaheim Odin and Surtur continue their winner take all battle of epic proportions.

And at Asgard we see the city is starting to be breached as the Asgardians only seem to be slowing them down, but not really stopping them.

On earth Malekith continues to watch on as the two combatants (Thor and Kurse) trade blow for blow, but after a while Malekith decides Kurse has failed him by not obeying his command to dispatch Thor (something he feels is unacceptable and punishable by death). So, Malekith creates an earthquake and opens up the earth floor sending both warriors falling down towards the molten core of the center of the earth. Kurse is killed during this process, but as Thor can fly he escapes the hole in the cracked earth just before Malekith closes it behind him.

In Asgard we see much destruction as it appears to be over run by demons, once again as the Asgardians seem helpless to stop them. We see much Asgardian death the most important being Frigga.

Back on Earth Thor begins to battle Malekith and it becomes an epic battle of might vs magic. After a long battle sequence between the two we see Thor emerge victorious.

Thor returns to Asgard and helps the other Asgardians turn the tide and defeat the Sons of Muspell.

Meanwhile Odin gets the upper hand in the battle with Surtur and he sends him back to Muspellheim where he belongs. Then Odin returns home to find a devastated Asgard, and much of the blame he feels belongs to Thor, where as Loki is now finding himself back in his fathers good graces.

Perhaps a cameo for Enchantress and Executioner for Thor 3 in end credits.

The end. So that is what I would like to see. I probably won't get most of it, but who knows.

Just thought I would throw it out there. Lol


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