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Default Re: Amy Adams is Lois Lane: - Part 7

Well many thought that the relationship between Superman and Lois were meant to last within the comics and look at where we're at.

If Superman and Lois become a couple at the conclusion of the events of MOS, no way would they have a Wonder Woman and Superman pairing within the JLA film series if Cavil was attached until a new solo film said otherwise.

Plus, DC lost a hell of a lot of readers from what I read when they not only erased the Lois and Superman romance, but made both characters into versions less flattering than what they were previously known for being awhile back.

The fictional romance between Superman and Lois is arguably one of the most well known romances out there, more so than a pairing between Wonder Woman and Superman, and there's no way that DC Comics can exactly force the studios to make such a pairing in the films if the studios says otherwise; they don't have as much grasp on the film properties like Marvel Studios has with their products.

And this is still all under the assumption that a JLA film will even be released in 2015. At this given point, i don't see it being made; especially if MOS ends being a good success since they'll likely want to bank on that given and assured thing for a 2015 release (a year that's filled with big blockbusters) than a uncertain JLA project.

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