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Default Re: Skyfall vs. TDKR

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Its funny you said that about spectacle , because i was reading the art and making and Nolan stated that when he made TDK and Begins , he thought about action set pieces before knowing how they would appear on the story. He knew that such scenes should exist ,and when they should appear (not how). He also said in Rises everything was much more organic , and every spectacle we see was according to what the felt the story needed (and not the other way around)

About this i brought up , and the whole TDKR looked like a bunch of set pieces thought beforehand , and a narrative to glue them...its funny how sometimes perception is completely distorted from reality.

From the book

In scripting the film , Nolan and his co-writers didn't invent action sequences for their own sake ; rather , the action grew , organically , out of the story. "In Putting together the story for Begins " , said C.Nolan , "and then moving on to TDK , David and I had plotted out exactly how many action beats we would need , where they would be in the film , and so forth. When we came to TDKR , it was very important to me that we not engage in that process at all. It had worked very well for us in the first two films, but for this one , I wanted to throw that away and just write the story that needed to be there for the characters-and then we would create whatever action arose from that story naturally.

"The danger of going into a third action film is that you inflate the action components as a way to meet audience expectations. Most third films are very disappointing to people exactly for that reason. So i wanted to go with the characters and their stories , first and trust the action would arouse out of that approach.

"We absoluted resisted the idea of making TDKR bigger just because it was a thrid movie " affirmed David Goyer. We didnt go into it saying that we were going to make an epic war movie , and then develop the story from that idea. It was decidedly the opposite of that. In fact , again , the first thing that we came up with was the ending , which was very personal , and we wrote the beginning that also had Bruce Wayne in a very personal place. That's what we had when we started. It wasn't until a month or two into the writing process that things got very big and destructive in the middle.

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